Posted by: flexiblegoat | November 13, 2009

Tracyho tiger

I was browsing a bookshop on Obchodna in Bratislava last Friday at around 8am (8am! – I felt sorry for the staff) and I came across this on the fiction shelves.

Tracyho Tiger

It’s a Slovak translation of a novella by an American author, and it is so beautifully illustrated and produced that I just had to get it for mo. The endpapers are gorgeous, the chapter headings likewise, and all the characters are so quirky and colourful. Somewhere in the middle there’s a fold-out where a city becomes a huge tiger and the last illustration is the same tiger looking purple, fat and happy reading a book with a cup of coffee. Now, I have next to no clue what the story is but there’s a synopsis on Wikipedia. Here’s a link to where you could probably buy it with a bit of luck, and also to the illustrator’s profile where you can see some of the illustrations (though I don’t think she put up the nicest ones) and see her other work.

I really hope an English language publisher decides to pick this up, because I’d love to have a copy I can actually read, and I don’t think I’m up to learning Slovak just right now.



  1. I wish i could find more books like this one in London.

    paperbacks sucks 😛

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