Posted by: flexiblegoat | January 14, 2010

Ralph Fleck

Madrid, by Ralph Fleck

I visited the London Art Fair today. The highlight, JD hot toddies apart, was a Paris cityscape by the German painter Ralph Fleck. I bought the gallery catalogue to see a few more of his paintings and I have to say I think he’s a bit of a revelation. The landscapes and cityscapes in particular seem to me to find an ideal balance between representational and abstract painting, they’re pleasingly concrete and stylised at the same time. But I’m no art critic. His website holds a generous number of images.



  1. I too visited the fair, last month. I’m studying GCSE art and have been looking everywhere for some information about Ralph Fleck after seeing that stunning Paris cityscape from the mezzanine. There seems to be very little online though, unfortunately.

    • Hi Ben, thanks for commenting. Have you tried visiting his London gallery? At the show they had a catalogue with a critical foreword. It was £3 but maybe if you show up and have a chat they’ll let you have one for free.

  2. Thanks for the advise, I may well do that next time I head into London. I’ve tried getting in contact with him (or, more likely, his agent), but have had no luck.

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